3 Ways to Take Action During
Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week

– November 10, 2018 –


“Are there really that many homeless youth here?”

We have heard that question so many times. Maybe you have too. It is hard for many people to believe that their community can have young people who are living day-to-day in survival mode. Youth on the streets can slip through the cracks, become invisible or forgotten. Their struggles are often unseen or misunderstood by the larger community around them.

We invite you to do something about that. This week, November 10-18, is National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. During this week, we have created 3 ways for us as a community to bring awareness and care to “our” homeless youth.

1. Give Shelter for a Year

With winter coming on, more and more youth are in need of a safe, warm place to stay. $50 provides on night in the Oasis Youth Shelter. This week, the goal is this: to provide a year of shelter for a youth! Invite your friends to give. Share this on social media or at your work. Together, we can provide 365 days of shelter for a young person!

2. Listen to Amy’s Story

Starting Monday the 12th there will be a 6-episode podcast series of a Amy’s story. Tune in each day to Street Lives and hear her share her struggles and triumphs. So often we need to hear someone’s personal experience in order to really gain insight and understanding.

3. Raise Awareness

How many homeless youth are in Washington State?
Why do youth leave home?
Do youth on the streets really experience sexual exploitation?
How many homeless youth are LGBTQ?
Find the answer to these common questions and more on the Coffee Oasis Homelessness Awareness page. There is a section full of insightful statistics and information about youth homelessness. Share this resource with others and help raise awareness and understanding around the misconceptions of why youth become homeless (spoiler: they aren’t just rebellious teenagers) and how big of a problem it is in our country.

We in

We invite you to pick one of these ways to care for homeless youth next week. Each of us doing something small can create a big change. Let’s do it!