The Coffee Oasis businesses play a vital role in changing the world for homeless youth. They provide opportunities for youth and gathering places for the community. They also support coffee farm communities by using only Direct Trade beans, which translates into fair wages and community development for the farmers.

There’s two main ways the businesses play a role in caring for homeless youth: job internships and coffee roasting. Youth can participate in job internships at the various Coffee Oasis businesses, learning skills and gaining confidence, as they work towards permanent employment. The Coffee Oasis also roasts its own coffee in the Bremerton Burwell Cafe and operates four different business locations. All business proceeds support the Oasis Youth Programs that offer resources like a youth shelter, case management, and youth center.

So when you get a latte or a bag of coffee you not only know your coffee is fresh and excellently made, but it’s also making a difference.

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