It’s hard to reach a goal on your own. Especially if you’ve never had someone in cheering you on or believing in you.

That’s what Partnering Hope is all about. Youth meet with case managers and mentors who walk alongside and support them in reaching goals that will lead to a fulfilling life. These goals can include finding housing, gaining employment, furthering education, getting an ID or legal help, and more!

Case management is offered at each Coffee Oasis youth center location, as well as at the Marvin Williams Center in Bremerton, WA.

Partnering Hope also offers case management to youth in jail. Youth often exit from jail straight back into homelessness or a hopeless situation. Beginning case management while incarcerated means youth are able to set goals, make plans, and exit with a strategy and support.

Services offered include:

 Goal setting
Jail case management
Support in achieving educational, employment, housing, and personal goals