1,596 youth were homeless

(ages 13-17) in the Tacoma School District in 2016-2017.

There is a great need in the Pierce County.

Currently, there is no underage shelter for homeless youth.

Many young people are struggling with homelessness and all the hopelessness, pain, and lost opportunity that comes with having no home. TOGETHER we can change this. Together we can create opportunities for the homeless youth of Tacoma.

Following the initiative of a group of passionate Tacoma citizens, the Coffee Oasis Tacoma Project was launched in January 2018. The vision is to bring the entire model of The Coffee Oasis to Pierce County within the next two years.

This dream is starting with opening an underage youth shelter in May 2019!

 Funding Goal : $2,030,000

The shelter will:


• serve ages 13-17

• open with 6 bed spaces, with another potential 6 to come in 2020 (due to zoning limitations)

• provide showers, laundry, meals, & other resources to residents

• operate programs to help residents find stable housing

• be located at Serra’s House at 6602 S Alaska St

Project Timeline


Give today and your gift will help bring opportunities, resources, and community to the youth of Tacoma!


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