Volunteering as a group can be so rewarding! You get to enjoy time in a unique way with others in your group AND make a difference in your community. When you do a service project at The Coffee Oasis, your group’s time and skills will make a positive impact in the lives of youth in your community.

Whether it’s a group of coworkers or a small group from your church, our staff will work with you to create a positive, fulfilling project experience. Check out the list of projects below and let us know if one catches your eye!

What are you looking for?

Looking for a service project to complete in an afternoon? Gateway Fellowship refinished the deck of the Poulsbo Cafe in a few hours!

Wanting to find a regular way to volunteer? Hansville Community Church set aside the first Saturday of every month to do service projects at the Kingston Coffee Oasis!

Getting Started

Browse the list of projects below. See which one(s) would be a good fit or of interest to your group!

Download and fill out a Service Project Application and email it to your location’s City Lead. The City Lead contact info can be found here.

An Oasis Staff will meet with you to further discuss the project and plan for it, including setting a day and reviewing needed supplies and materials. You will need to commit to the project no later than three weeks prior to the project date, in order to give sufficient time to prepare and plan.

  • Check back soon for available projects!

  • Check back soon for available projects!

Q: Are there age limits for a service project?

A: The participant age for each project varies. We absolutely want to create opportunities for teenage and child involvement, but also want to keep the safety and effectiveness of each group in mind. The Project Profile will list the appropriate participant age range for that project!

Q: Is there a cost for doing a project?

A: Each project has different needs and costs. Some projects may need to have supplies purchased, while others won’t. It is a big gift to the Coffee Oasis when groups are able to provide needed materials, but we recognize that won’t always be a possibility. The material needs and cost of each project are listed on the Project Profile, and when you meet with a staff member we will discuss how to best fulfill those needs.

Q: Will our group be covered by insurance?

A: Yes. The Coffee Oasis has insurance coverage for volunteers.

Q: Does our group need to have specific skills to do a project?

A: For some projects yes, your group will require specialized skills. The required skills and job expertise will be listed on the Project Profile. It is very important that if a project requires certain skills that someone in your group can fulfill that requirement. This is so that projects are completed well and that your group has an enjoyable experience.

Q: Who will be in charge of the project?

A: Someone from your group will be the Lead Contact for the project and someone from the Coffee Oasis will be the Project Lead. They will meet together to discuss and plan for the project. On the day-of the project, both people will be present to give direction and oversight of the work being done.