Reese’s Story: Through the Darkness

– September 5, 2018 –

Eighteen-year old Reese* was struggling. In May, she texted the Coffee Oasis Crisis Line,

Eighteen-year old Reese* was struggling. In May, she texted the Coffee Oasis Crisis Line,

“I’m really stressed and suicidal, but I’m trying to stay positive.”

Reese had several suicide attempts in her past and didn’t want to go down that road again. But she felt hopeless and stuck.

Reese’s mom had recently had a heart attack and blamed it on Reese. She expected Reese to constantly care for her, actively hindering her from doing activities outside the home. This hurt and weighed on Reese. “My mom thinks I’m a horrible daughter.” She planned on attending Washington State University (WSU) in the fall. But her depression, self-doubt, and difficulties with her mother made that seem unreachable.

Reese knew her depression and home struggles were wearing out her friends, driving away her only support system. So she texted the Coffee Oasis almost every day.

Staff responded with encouragement. Gradually, Reese decided to meet with an Oasis case manager and counselor. While Reese’s mom sabotaged her efforts to attend WSU, Reese’s case manager worked with her on life skills like budgeting to help her prepare.

Depression continued to haunt Reese. Some days the sadness was overwhelming. In June she texted the Crisis Team, “I’m in the woods with a knife.” Staff contacted law enforcement and an officer took her to the hospital. But she was discharged without any supportive services. The Coffee Oasis staff continued to be her main support system.

“I’m appreciative you [were] always available and there to listen,” she told them.

Reese kept bravely working through the challenges and in August she reached her goal: she began fall quarter at WSU! “She was so much brighter and happier by the time she went to school,” her case manager noted. Depression and a strained home life are not uncommon; many youth face the same barriers as Reese. The Coffee Oasis is dedicated to offering support to these youth, helping them through the darkness into new opportunity.

*name changed to respect youth’s identity

YOU can help youth like Reese find hope in a dark place.

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