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The Refuge Church has its heart and beginnings in The Coffee Oasis.

In 1996 Dave and Cindy Frederick (the founders of The Coffee Oasis) left the church. At least they left what most people think of as “the church.” For 7-years Dave was the pastor of a large brick and mortar church in downtown Bremerton–complete with pipe organ and bell tower. It was big and many of the people who they met on the streets were intimidated to walk through the doors. With a heart to go to the people who felt farthest away from God, Dave and Cindy started to meet in their home, a place everyone was welcome. ¬†At the same time they started a non-profit organization called The Coffee Oasis to give hope to hurting and homeless youth.

Since then, as The Coffee Oasis has grown, so has The Refuge Church. As more people attended, it moved out of Dave and Cindy’s living room into the main room of the Bremerton Cafe. There are now two Refuge Church gatherings held on Sunday mornings in the cafe. The Refuge continues to offer the hope, love, and healing of Jesus to all who walk through the doors.

You can read more of the story and get connected with the church at the link below.

Sunday Gatherings:
9am and 10:30am
822 Burwell St, Bremerton