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14 06, 2018

6 Things You Can Do to Help End Youth Homelessness

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6 Things You Can Do to Help End Youth Homelessness - June 14, 2018 - Do you sometimes wonder what YOU can do to help end homelessness for a youth? Homelessness is a complex issue. We know there's not a "quick fix". But there ARE simple things that each of us can do with [...]

5 06, 2018

Robby’s Story: Jail or Job?

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Robby's Story: Jail or Job? - Summer 2018 - Robby* stood in front of the judge waiting for a decision. Maybe he wouldn’t have to go back to jail. Maybe they would believe he was trying. Maybe, starting now, his life would change. He didn’t want to go to jail a third time. Robby [...]

3 05, 2018

2017 Annual Report

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2017 Annual Report - May 2, 2018 - "I was miserable in my life, not even human. I didn't know what to do. I was just an 18 year old kid on my own." This was how Alex's story began. Alex was one of many youth who came to The Coffee Oasis in 2017 [...]

19 04, 2018

Essie’s Story: What Do You Do When You Find Yourself in Jail?

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Essie's Story: What Do You Do When You Find Yourself in Jail? - April 13, 2018 - Essie’s* life seemed shattered. She was in jail. Her addiction had ruined her relationships with family and friends. Once she left jail she would be homeless and without work. The future looked like a dead end. Essie [...]

21 03, 2018

Tonya’s Story: Have Child. Need Home.

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Tonya's Story: Have Child. Need Home. - March 16, 2018 - Tonya* gave birth to her little boy in the Silverdale Hospital. She named him Jacob. The next day she moved into a women’s shelter called Georgia’s House. While she was pregnant Tonya had been homeless. She was trying to escape her son’s dad [...]

30 01, 2018

Joe’s Story: “I have changed.”

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Joe's Story: "I have changed." - February 1, 2018 - Joe* was only 18 years old, but he was stuck. Trying anything new, trusting people, trying to get a job; all of it gave him great anxiety. He felt like he couldn’t take any steps forward. It seemed like everyone else had life figured out [...]

14 12, 2017

Amy’s Story: Reaching Goals is Possible

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Amy's Story: Reaching Goals is Possible! - December 13, 2017 - Amy* has always struggled to stick with her goals. She didn’t finish high school. She set goals with her case manager but then stopped showing up to her meetings. Something has changed for Amy, though. It all started with a conversation with Raquel, [...]