Amanda’s Story: Escaping Abuse & Homelessness

– October 18, 2017 –

In August a school administrator texted the Oasis Crisis Intervention Team about a homeless student. Amanda* was a small, soft-spoken girl. She left home after years of relentless abuse. The Crisis Team worked quickly with the school administration to help her meet with a Coffee Oasis case manager. Fortunately, we had space in our Oasis Youth Shelter and were able to immediately move Amanda to safety.

She left home after years of relentless abuse.

Amanda had been living in Montana with her substance-addicted mother. Her mother kept alcohol in the house and freely gave it to Amanda and her sister. Amanda began to drink on a regular basis. She said her mother would solicit her and her sister for sexual contact with others. At the age of 14 Amanda stopped drinking. She told us that something very bad happened that she never wanted to have happen again. While living with her mother Amanda attempted suicide multiple times at her mother’s request.

Following the suicide attempts, Amanda’s boyfriend invited her to live with him. For a period of time everything seemed to go well. However, the boyfriend’s mom became verbally abusive. Remembering this time, Amanda told us, “I just wanted to be a teenager again and enjoy teenage things.” She left her boyfriend’s home and became homeless for the first time.

“I just wanted to be a teenager again and enjoy teenage things.”

Now fast-forward Amanda’s story to staying in The Coffee Oasis shelter. In a short few days of working with her case manager, Amanda reconnected with an aunt and uncle who lived in Montana. They were excited to reunite with Amanda and drove the entire day to pick her up. She now lives in Montana with them and they have become her legal guardians! The Coffee Oasis case manager who played a pivotal role in Amanda’s life is still in contact with her.

There are youth in crisis in our community who desperately need a safe place to go. Join the Coffee Oasis in providing that place for youth like Amanda! *youth’s named changed to respect identity


*name changed to respect youth’s identity

YOU can help youth like Amanda find safety.

$50 will provide a night in the shelter for a homeless youth.