Real Coffee

Buy coffee. Create opportunity.

Real Hope

Changing the world for homeless youth.

Every day is about creating opportunities
for homeless youth.

In 2016…
youth contacts were made on outreach
youth graduated from job internships
youth successfully exited homelessness
youth entered our Oasis Youth Centers

Ben’s Story: “Thank You For Being Here For Me”

“Thank you for being here for me.” Ben* was being serious, and it caught Jake off guard. For about a year, Ben had been coming [...]

All You Need to Be Is Available

“NEEDED: Available person” Imagine if that was the only requirement for a job position! To simply be available. Usually there is a more rigorous list [...]

2016 Family Christmas Project: Photos and Stories For You!

Christmas has come and gone already! “Our” kids were given a joy-filled home for the holidays, thanks to your support. Many of them asked us [...]

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The Coffee Oasis is a community. All that happens only happens because people’s hearts were moved to know their neighbor, get a cup of coffee, and join the mission. Read the stories, hear the updates, and be encouraged!

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